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February 9, 2019

I seldom see family rally around each other the way this one does. The last few weeks have been an absolute roller coaster for the Martin’s and their extended family.  Their sweet mamma, their matriarch, their rock, went to be with Jesus way sooner than ever expected.  Countless tears have been shed as they have […]

AHHHHHHHHHH! How sweet are these two!!! I cannot wait to capture their wedding! Taylor is going to make a BEAUTIFUL bride! This was such a fun day!  Taylor and Trevor were such troopers as the walk to each spot was quite a distance, especially in heels! Even with all that unexpected exercise 🙂 they did […]

December 26, 2018

The Martin family is so much fun! I actually met Joy, the young lady with the curly hair, 2 years ago when she walked through the doors of our young adult ministry. She was a delight! So full of life and laughter, but also incredibly talented.  Fast forward to this last year, I realize that […]

My Son-in-Law surprised my daughter with a Christmas puppy, so while we were taking care of him for a few days, we had a little photo shoot! He is so precious! I hope these make you smile! 🙂

December 26, 2018

Cutest family ever! Can we say MODELS! Beautiful parents = beautiful kids!  But the best part is how sweet they all are! Every time I look at these I find myself smiling. I can’t help it! Look at those smiles! So cute! As always, my favorites are the action/candid shots! I hope you enjoy! I […]

  This session was truly one of my very favorites.  I mean, I guess I am a little biased as these two are my wonderful kids (daughter and son-in-law), but I think they are pretty gorgeous inside and out.  They also had so much fun together during the session, so the emotions you see in […]

December 5, 2018

These two beautiful human beings braved the crowds and the hike with me! Baylin and Aliza are members of our young adult ministry where they both serve on the welcome team.  Precious people! I had this idea a while back, and though it turned out beautifully, it was probably the biggest adventure I have been […]

Oh how I love this family! They are our second family and our best friends. I have known the oldest girls since they were barely tying their shoes and the younger girls their entire life.  When you look up the word authentic in the dictionary the definition says Moody Family! 🙂 Seriously, they are the […]

November 19, 2018

He proposed!!!! This was the sweetest moment that had me tearing up while I was snapping shots! I kept telling myself, PULL IT TOGETHER, it’s super hard to see what I am focusing on through tears! That moment was so, so sweet! I met this sweet couple for the first time yesterday right after he […]

    Oh goodness! I cannot look at these without a huge smile on my face.  So you always hear about these perfectly well behaved kids, (I mean mine were pretty perfect ha ha! But seriously!) Jackson is one of those kids! He has the sweetest spirit and smiles so readily. These photos are genuine, […]