Thayne+Senior Session

by Wendy Macy

March 17, 2019

Oh my goodness this girl!!! She is such a gorgeous young lady then add to that the heart and talent to match.   She and her mom were so much fun during the session and I absolutely loved watching their sweet relationship.  Lots of love in this family! The best part is they love Jesus and it shows! Just ask them about their ministry, so inspiring!

Fun fact about Thayne, she is an INCREDIBLE dancer and has a very dynamic personality which made my job soooo easy! I asked her to pose certain ways and very quickly realized what a natural she is at modeling! Her dance background along with her fun personality was a photographers dream.  When we got to the alley shots I told her to just do her thing and SHE DID!! Those shots ended up being some of the cutest poses I have seen in a long time!  I heard from my daughter a while back that Thayne is known to be a very good dancer, but had know idea how talented she really is!! You will see a glimpse of that at the end of this session.

BTW,  I can’t decide if she looks like Katie Holmes or Sadie Robertson!!!

I love these blue steps and we couldn’t decide to go with purple or black, so of course we went with both!!

And the BLUE WALL!

We decided on a lot of urban locations and I think it really suits her!



We decided to add in some nature too!

And of course we needed a waterfall!

Purple grenade to match her school colors!

Here’s those dance moves I was telling you about!

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  1. Judy Cramer

    March 19th, 2019 at 10:55 am

    Beautiful young lady, beautiful heart, beautiful family and beautiful photographs and…beautiful, creative photographer!

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