Waybright Pregnancy Shoot

by Wendy Macy

February 17, 2019

This goes down in the books as one of the most beautiful sessions I have had the privilege to capture!   The last time I saw the Waybright’s was when I drove down to Houston to take their pregnancy announcement pictures.  I remember that day well as the dark, angry clouds rolled in just about the time I arrived into town.   I don’t mind taking pictures on cloudy days, but when a storm is brewing, that is an entirely different scenario!  Thankfully we finished up that session before the downpour.  After that experience,  I really wanted this session with them to be a bit more cheerful! So I was praying for sunshine!  As I pulled into Houston,  the clouds,  once again,  began rolling in!!! AHHHHHGGGGG!  Thankfully, my prayers were answered  and the clouds were light, and the sun peeked in on us every now and then.  It was a good day!

I am so thankful Kristin decided to do a pregnancy session.  It takes a lot of energy to do this, especially when you are only a few weeks or so away from your due date! She ROCKED this session. She was absolute model status and Dylan was a champ!  They were both adorable together.  I hope these put a smile on your face as you see the joy that this baby is bringing ALREADY into the lives of his parents!



Love, love, love the train on her dress! It’s just too much fun!! 

Sweet  moments!!

AHHHHH!! This train!!!!

I wonder what he said to her!! Ha!!

I love these nursery pictures! I LOVE the window light too!

Praying over baby Henry’s crib! HOW SWEET IS THAT!

After all of that work, it’s time for a milk bath! So beautiful!

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