Jacob + Faith Engagement Session

by Wendy Macy

January 29, 2020

One of the things I love about our young adult ministry is when young women and men connect. To watch friendships unfold and turn into something special is such a fun experience!

There are so many things that I could say about this couple.. about their joy. I’ll start by saying this…. Chad and I LOVE both of these people! Pictures are important, but recognizing the value of the people IN my pictures is more important.

Jacob has been such a joy in our lives, he has such a passion for prayer and for ministry! His ability to encourage and make us laugh with his “goofiness” brings us so much joy. Faith is such a sweetheart. We love her sweet spirit, her warmth to everyone around her and also her ability to make us laugh through her “goofiness”.

By now you are starting to see a trend! Yep they are both completely comfortable with themselves and really don’t care what other people think, which allows them to just be who they truly are..carefree and funloving. THAT IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD! To be comfortable in your own skin is exactly what we should all work towards!! That quality not only makes them endearing, but it makes them a PERFECT match. Talk to anyone who knows them and you will hear, “They are the perfect and most adorable couple.” They truly are a match made in heaven!

While I love Jacob and Faith for how genuine they are, I also love their story! Like I mentioned earlier, they met at our young adult ministry. They don’t really remember the exact moment they met, but they do remember that they were immediately compatible. They hit it off right away and were great friends. Faith made an impression on Jacob like no other girl had ever before and Faith loved Jacobs personality and how well they got along. Fun fact, Jacob thought she was much older than she was because she had made a joke when he asked how old she was, not realizing he would take her seriously. This caused him to shy away from asking her out for quite some time. He didn’t give up so easily though, he asked around about her and found out that they were the same age! So after that was settled, he asked her out! They began dating and just clicked. After three dates they made it official and after eight months of dating Jacob got down on one knee. He surprised her with a lit up pathway with quotes of things they say to each other and at the end of that pathway were pictures of them they had taken together throughout their relationship. HOW SWEET IS THAT!

It was such an honor to take their engagement photos. Enjoy the favorites of the day and be sure and congratulate them. They are a special couple!

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