Mikayla+Senior Portraits

by Wendy Macy

May 9, 2019


It is such a surreal feeling to be working on this blog right now.  This young lady is the daughter of one of my high school best friends.  As I was editing, youthful memories flooded through my mind! So many of her expressions/antics and her fun personality reminded me of her mom!!  How did life pass so quickly before my eyes? How does Lar 🙂 have three adult kids now? It does not compute!!!

Mikayla is one of the sweetest girls you will meet and not only that she is incredibly talented. You should see her drawings, wow!!  As you will see below, she is also very beautiful on the outside!! GORGEOUS!

We had the best time taking these pictures and she was such a natural in front of the camera!  The laughs you see are genuine, I think it helped that her mom, my daughter and I might have been acting up a little hee hee. But to be fair, we are childhood friends with a bond that will never be broken and whenever we get together we just sort of pick back up where we started! We also have a LOT of inside jokes!!

As the session came to an end we decided to go off road (keep in mind, we were in my mini van hahahahahah) to get to the wildflowers and the entire time we were  scared to death we were going to get stuck in the mud, it made for some great laughs and hopefully great memories!  You will be happy to know we made it!! But we did run into a colony of giant mosquitoes! It’s not even summer!!!!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!!

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