by Wendy Macy

May 17, 2019

Super fun senior session in downtown Austin!! This young man has STYLE!! He brought three outfits and all of them were perfect!

I think my favorite moments were when Jonny included his dog in the pics!  There is just something special about the bond between guys and their dogs!! Jonny suggested this location in Austin and I am so glad he did! Not only was it animal friendly, it’s a super trendy and fun place to hang out, read a book and grab some coffee!  The roof top view was incredible!

In my experience guys don’t always care about their senior portraits, it’s usually the girls that are a little more enthusiastic about them.  I was pleasantly surprised when Jonny came with a few outfits and seemed to be completely comfortable in front of the camera!  I think senior portraits should be fun and relaxed and I think that was what Jonny’s session was like! As you look through the pictures I think you will get a pretty good glimpse of his personality!  That is always the goal!!

Congratulation Jonny and I hope this next season is a fantastic one for you!!! Wheaton is far, but from what I hear an incredible college!!!

Enjoy the pics!!

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  1. Judy Cramer

    May 17th, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    Great shots! Unique!

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