by Wendy Macy

October 27, 2018

I was so excited and honored to be able to photograph Terah for her 18th bday! I have known Terah since she was in a high chair, so she is really more like a daughter to me. I think that was what made this session one of my favorites.

We had so much fun on this venture. These two sites were actually off of the same highway but 45 minutes in the opposite direction! We had our work cut out for us! I think Terah would agree, the brief stop at Sonic for one of their yummy pretzels was worth the drive!

The best part of this day was how much we laughed over the cows photo-bombing our session! When we showed up to this site, we had no idea there would be cows awaiting us! The swing on the bridge was a super fun time as well!

Isn’t she gorgeous! Inside and out!

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