Brittany + Andrew Christmas Portraits

by Wendy Macy

December 26, 2018


This session was truly one of my very favorites.  I mean, I guess I am a little biased as these two are my wonderful kids (daughter and son-in-law), but I think they are pretty gorgeous inside and out.  They also had so much fun together during the session, so the emotions you see in these portraits are the real deal! Ahhh newlyweds!

Brittany and I spent some time trying to find a Christmas tree farm that would allow us to take portraits, so when we stumbled across this beautiful setting we were thrilled!  The Christmas trees were so cute, but our favorite was the line of tall pine trees, you don’t see that very often in Texas!  All we were missing was snow!!  Believe it or not, we actually see snow occasionally in the Austin area!

Even though they are family, it’s still nerve wracking at the beginning of photo sessions. You are expected to smile on command, pose in awkward positions, all while looking natural! It’s hard work! They were a little tentative at the beginning, so I was calling out poses like I would for any other session,  but after a few shots in (especially as we walked out to the pine trees, with Ben Rector’s Christmas album playing in the background) they were pro’s!  Most of what you see is 100 percent natural and a great glimpse into their relationship!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! One of these just has to go up on my wall!! But which one!!!!! If you have an opinion on which one I should print , please leave a comment!

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